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Band: Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth RundleAlbum:AnhedoniaBest song:It’s one song. Worst song:N/A Childhood memories are weird things. I’ve noted a lot that my earliest memories are of Chicago Stadium, at ‘Hawks games. If I’m being honest, they’re more vignettes and sense memories. The smell of stale beer and piss in the bathrooms or the deafening […]

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Band: LINGUA IGNOTAAlbum:SINNER GET READYBest song: , “I WHO BEND THE TALL GRASSES” is one of the best songs of the year. Worst song:Nah I normally keep my work-life out of this space for a variety of reasons, but I do want to get something off my chest because a tweet – it’s always a […]

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Band: LiturgyAlbum:AesthethicaBest song: “Generation” is terrific Worst song:It’s legit hard to pick a worst song. It’s a terrific album that should be treated as one work, I think. I’ve written in this space about my adoration for record labels/companies and the way that these organizations themselves seemed to stoked the scenes in my formative years. […]

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Band: Nick LutskoAlbum:SwordsBest song: “Software” is my favorite song on the album. Worst song:I’m least hot on “Streets.” Because I’m a white man, I watched all of the Peter Jackson Beatles documentary miniseries (my one-line review: It’s compelling, albeit hagiography) this week and it reminded me of the wonder of the Beatles’ work, including their […]

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