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Band: Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth RundleAlbum:AnhedoniaBest song:It’s one song. Worst song:N/A Childhood memories are weird things. I’ve noted a lot that my earliest memories are of Chicago Stadium, at ‘Hawks games. If I’m being honest, they’re more vignettes and sense memories. The smell of stale beer and piss in the bathrooms or the deafening […]

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Hiss Spun

Band/Artist: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Hiss Spun Best song: “16 Psyche” Worst song: “Twin Fawn” is a great song, but the least fitting on the record. One of the things about getting older is that you lost touch with a lot of your friends. If you don’t have an activity with them – this is partially […]

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Band: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Abyss Best song: “Iron Moon.” “Grey Days.” “Carrion Flowers.” “Crazy Love.” Worst song: “Maw” isn’t as strong as the other songs. What can I say about Chelsea Wolfe that I haven’t already said? The California-based singer/songwriter is my favorite current artist and someone about whom I’ve sung overwhelming praise. Her fifth (or sixth, […]

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Pain is Beauty

Band: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Pain is Beauty Best song: “Ancestors, the Ancients” Worst song: “The Waves Have Come” I’ve mentioned this a billion times before, but I am not a person who cares particularly about lyrics. Certainly in comparison to vocal timber/strength/tone, I find the lyrics to solely give a vocalist a route to vocalize notes. This […]

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Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs

Band: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs Best song: “Flatlands.” Definitely. Though, “Gold,” a bonus digital track, is really really good. Worst song: I’m not as hot on “Our Work Was Good,” though it’s a good song. It’s no secret I value vocals as an instrument more than I value lyrics; […]

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The Grime and the Glow

Band: Chelsea Wolfe Album: The Grime and the Glow Best song: “Halfsleeper” Worst song: “Bounce House Demons” is not as good as the version on Ἀποκάλυψις. I made a very dopey pledge a while ago to never write about any album twice. This, of course, is a ludicrous notion, though it’s one I’ve kept. In […]

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Band: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Ἀποκάλυψις (Apokalypsis) Best song: “Moses” is one of the best songs of 2011. Worst song: “Friedrichshain” is the lowest point on a very strong album. Genre is a shitty way to describe music, but it’s such an ingrained part of the culture that no one can avoid it. Mastodon isn’t a […]

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